FEA Services

Our experts work with you to develop product concepts from product sketches and patent ideas. We develop the FEA models, simulating the service environment of products and characterize the performance and life of products. We have testing facilities for fatigue, endurance and accelerated aging under extreme conditions.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a mechanical analysis procedure to simulate the working and failure analysis of materials and components. Using a combination of mechanical testing and FEA we accurately predict how products and materials will react under loads.

For over 15 years, our FEA consultants have successfully completed a number of projects for a wide range of industrial clients. Feel free to request information about our projects and our industrial expertise.

Our Finite Element Analysis FEA services support the complete product engineering lifecycle from product concept developmentthrough simulation of working conditions, and failure analysis. We use Abaqus permier non-linear solver to simulate product behavior. Our engineers will help you with reduced time to market, full 360 product characterization and optimized product design. We provide high cycle fatigue, durability and endurcance testing for life cycle studies.

Finite Element Analysis in Product Engineering

In addition to FEA simulation of parts and components, we provide physical testing of materials and components. Physical testing helps in verification and validation of FEA models. Our labs are set up to perform testing on polymer materials and components aerospace components, biomedical implants etc.

FEA in Automotive Domain: Finite element analysis has widespread use in the automotive industry and the industry has been an early adopter. FEA can be used to develop chassis and suspension components, perform engine simulation studies and in failure analysis of tires. …..Read More

FEA in Aerospace Domain: AdvanSES has a long history in testing and FEA of composite aerospace structures. We hase assisted with highly complex material characterization testing of composite structures and use the results to predict performance of these materials when used in aerospace structures from satellites to space vehicles…… Read More

FEA in Biomedical Domain:

AdvanSES has been a long term supplier of services to the biomedical industries. We have experience and can assist from product ideation through design optimization and lifecycle studies. Our portfolio includes spinal disc development, analysis of stents and analysis of orthopaedic screws, and plates……. Read More

Non-linear Materials:
  With in-house resources to carry out material characterization testing on non-linear materials, we have full capabilities to characterize any kind of rate dependent materials. We are experts in  extracting and testing material samples from any kind of engineering products.

Contact and Impact Analysis: Our implicit and explicit FEA software capabilities provide us with resources to provide top of the class services for simulation of contact and impact events. We can fully characterize friction from experiments and use the results for FEA simulations.

Verifications and Validations:  Simulations are just pretty plots without proper verifications and validations. Our workshop setup assists in carrying out verifications and validations for finite element simulations. We can carry out functional product testing to validate material models and FEA simulations.