Failure Analysis, FMEA, Root Cause Investigation and Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure analysis with root cause identification is an important aspect of system improvement.

         Our approach to failure analysis with root cause identification is multi-disciplinary. Our approach includes collecting sample data from field inspections, in-situ observations, studies of application environment, service life study. Our engineers then carry out material testing and characterization of the materials and products involved to generate benchmarks and correlations to other systems, also utilizing CAE computation mechanics simulation tools like FEA etc.

         Based on findings from this process we provide material and design based recommendations for a diverse range of systems, products and materials. We believe all this is possible because of our extensive capabilities and expertise in materials engineering combined with technical know-how of testing and CAE applications. We deliver these comprehensive services in a short time frame to overcome field failures and faster solutions to our customers.

 Our Tools for Failure Analysis;

  1. Accelerated Aging
  2. Fatigue Testing
  3. Fracture Mechanics Testing
  4. Impact and Vibration Testing 
  5. Mechanical Properties Testing
  6. Microscopic Evaluation
  7. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  8. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  9. Finite Element Analysis