Finite Element Analysis FEA Consulting Services Nonlinear Verification and Validation Procedure

AdvanSES offers a complete range of finite element analysis (FEA) consulting services including structural, thermal and fluid structure interface (FSI) analyses.

Our FEA consultants have considerable experience with the world’s best FEA tools such as Abaqus, CFD++  and CSM++ .

Non-linear Materials:  With in-house resources to carry out material characterization testing on non-linear materials, we have full capabilities to characterize any kind of rate dependent materials. We are experts in  extracting and testing material samples from any kind of engineering products.

Contact and Impact Analysis: Our implicit and explicit FEA software capabilities provide us with resources to provide top of the class services for simulation of contact and impact events. We can fully characterize friction from experiments and use the results for FEA simulations.

Verifications and Validations:  Simulations are just pretty plots without proper verifications and validations. Our workshop setup assists in carrying out verifications and validations for finite element simulations. We can carry out functional product testing to validate material models and FEA simulations.

Our portfolio in FEA consultancy projects includes a variety of industries including power generation, biomedical, automotive, and aerospace. We have direct and validated experience in detailed stress analysis, steady state dynamics and harmonic analyses. The only commonality in our FEA consulting work is that each of our projects has met or exceeded our customers’ requirements.

For over 17 years, our FEA consultants have successfully completed a number of projects for a wide range of industrial clients. Feel free to request information about our projects and our industrial expertise.

Cardiovascular Implant Analysis

Finite Element Analysis of Stent Design.

Analysis of Automotive Leaf Springs

Static and Dynamic FE Analysis of Leaf Springs.

Diaphragm Design and Development

Design and Prototype Development of Pressure Regulator Diaphragm.

Hydraulic Mount Development

Reverse Engineering and CAD model Development of a Hydraulic Mount.

Orthopaedic Implant Analysis

FE modeling to evaluate in situ stress states of implantable spinal devices

Dental Implant Analysis

Characterization of Dental Implant Design with Different Materials.