Non-linear Hyperelastic Material Characterization Testing for FEA

Non-linear Hyperelastic Material Characterization Testing for FEA

The characterization of materials for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a specialized process that involves extensive laboratory testing. At AdvanSES, we have become industry leaders in this field, particularly with our focus on the characterization of polymer materials. Through a series of specific tests, we are able to determine the unique properties of each material, thus providing valuable data for FEA and CFD.

Pure Shear

Our testing process begins with a pure shear test. This involves applying uniaxial tension to a test specimen using either a parallel or tangential method. The response of the material to this stress provides a baseline understanding of its characteristics under tension.

Volumetric Compression

We then proceed to a volumetric compression test. This study involves placing a sample of the material under hydrostatic compression deformation. The way the material responds to this form of stress provides valuable data on its behavior under compression.

Uniaxial Compression

Uniaxial compression testing is another key component of our testing process. Here, we evaluate the response of the material when compression stress is applied along a single axis. This test gives us a clear picture of how the material behaves under a single axis of compression stress.

Uniaxial Tension

Uniaxial tension testing involves applying tensile stress to a specimen. The result of this test provides us with further insights into the behavior of the material under tension.

Biaxial Tension

A biaxial tension test involves placing tensile stress on a specimen in two simultaneous directions. This test is particularly useful in understanding the behavior of a material under multiple tensions.

Creep and Stress Relaxation

The final testing stage is the creep and stress relaxation test. This involves a uniaxial tensile test followed by the maintenance of the elongation on the specimen for a specified duration. By observing the material’s response over this period, we can gain valuable insights into the long-term behavior of the material under stress.

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