Standardized ASTM, ISO Tests for Materials and Engineering Components


Standardized Material Tests as per Individual Customer Specifications

The table below is a sampling of the standardized tests that AdvanSES offers.  We also test as per individual customer specifications and standards.  With the assistance of our design department and our full service in-house machine-shopwe are able to design and fabricate specialized fixtures for your unique testing needs related to engineering parts and components.

1. ASTM D638 – Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastic

2. ASTM D882 – Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting

3. ASTM D412 – Standard Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers – Tension

4. ASTM 5992 – Standard for Dynamic Testing of Vulcanized Rubber and Rubber-Like Materials Using Vibratory Methods. Tan delta, storage modulus, loss modulus

5. ASTM D430 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration—Dynamic Fatigue

6. ASTM D573- Standard Test Method for Rubber—Deterioration in an Air Oven

7. ASTM D624 – Standard Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers

8. ISO 6943 – Determination of tension fatigue of rubber and polymer materials

9. ASTM D395 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Compression Set

10. ASTM D6147, ISO 3384- Standard Test Methods for polymer and Rubber Property—Compression Stress Relaxation

11. ASTM D575 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in Compression

12. ASTM D2990- Standard Test Methods for Tensile, Compressive, and Flexural Creep and Creep-rupture of Plastics

13. ASTM D1709 – Standard Test Method for Drop Impact Test

14. ASTM D7264 – Flexural Properties of Composites

15. ASTM D790 – Flexural bending of Plastics

16. ASTM D3410- Compression of Composites

17. ASTM D1621 – Compression Testing of Rigid Cellular Plastics

18. ASTM D695 – Compression Testing of Rigid Plastics

19. ASTM E606- Strain based Fatigue of Metals

20. ASTM E647- Fatigue Crack Growth Testing

21. ASTM E399- Fracture mechanics tests

22. ASTM E8- Tensile Test of Metals

23. ASTM E21- Standard Tests for Metals at Elevated Temperatures

24. ASTM E1820- Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fracture Toughness

25. Standard Package for Hyperelastic Characterization of Elastomers and Polymers

26. Standard Package for Viscoelastic Characterization of Elastomers and Polymers

27. ASTM E1252- Standard Test Method identifying organic compounds by FTIR analysis.

28. ASTM D7791 – Standard Test Method for Uniaxial Fatigue Properties of Plastics

29. ASTM D648 – Heat Deflection Temperature

30. ISO 75 – Determination of the temperature of deflection under load (flexural stress under three-point loading)

31. ASTM D256 – Determining the Izod Impact Resistance of Plastics

32. ASTM D6110 – Determining the Charpy Impact Resistance of Plastics

33. ASTM D3039 – Tensile Testing of Composites

34. ASTM D7136 – Low Velocity Impact Testing

35. ISO 6603 – Instrumented Impact Testing of Composite and Plastic Materials

36. ASTM D3039 – Poisson’s Ratio Tensile Testing of Composites