Advanced Trainings for Engineers

AdvanSES offers training classes on polymer mechanics, FEA softwares, material model selection and calibration etc. Our training on Abaqus, Ansys and other CAE softwares involve hands-on workshops.

AdvanSES short courses are designed for both engineering and non-engineering industry professionals. These specially designed courses provide the knowledge to understand different engineering materials for product development and failure analysis. The sessions in these courses focus on such varied subjects as linear and non-linear elasticity, use of different FEA and CAE softwares for design and analysis.

We have developed these courses keeping requirements as development of product design concepts applied to automotive engineering, failure analysis of engineering components, service life prediction; besides providing an overall subject matter view of static and dynamic material and product testing.

We are able to provide customized training classes tailored to your company’s or engineering team’s specific needs.  These classes can be online webinar based or in-person either at your office. Please contact us if you are interested in a training course.