The short course is designed for Engineers and Scientists to become experienced with Finite Element Analysis in the design of Polymer and Rubber based Products. The course will include multiple sessions with Presentations on theory and hands-on workshop training.

1) Introduction to Polymers and Rubber materials for Engineering Use.

  • Polymers, Elastomers and Rubbers – What are they? Which materials are commonly used in different end applications. Introduction of issues related to materials selection

2) Non-linear Rubber Elasticity.

  • Physics of Rubber Elasticity; Building up an elasticity model from a consideration of a single molecule to represent the behaviour of a macromolecular network.
  • The use of strain energy functions to show how general deformations can be modeled or analysed during product design.

3) Mechanical Material Testing and Curve Fitting for use in Abaqus (Theory and Application).

  • Test Methods and Testing Machines
  • Viscoelastic Material Behavior and Use in FEA

4) Hands-on Workshop.

  • Design-analysis of rubber components (engine mounts, tires, vibration isolators etc.)
  • Model setup, analysis and solving convergence issues in Abaqus

5) Question and Answers Session.

Laptops with suitable hardware is recommended for the course.

With the Participants of Engineering with Rubber and Product Failure Analysis, 21-22 August 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand.