The syllabus for the engineering with rubber course will broadly include the following topics;

1) Introduction to Rubber as an engineering material.

  • Polymers, Elastomers and Rubbers – What are they? Which elastomers are commonly used in tyre and non-tyre products? Introduction of issues related to materials selection

2) Large Deformation Rubber Elasticity.

  • The use of strain energy functions to show how general deformations can be modelled or analysed during product design.
  • Physics of Rubber Elasticity Building up an elasticity model from a consideration of a single molecule to represent the behaviour of a macromolecular network.

3) Static and Dynamic Testing to Evaluate Rubber Materials (Theory and Application).

  • ISO and ASTM test methods
  • Material and Product Characterization Testing
  • Test Methods and Testing Machines

4) Design of Components.

  • How to design rubber components with a consideration of the incompressibility constraints and other factors.

5) Question and Answers Session.

The Live Web Training consists of 5 Webinar presentations in a week over a 4 week period. Each session contains up to one hour of seminar demonstration. Question and answer sessions followed by practical examples are shared. Email and phone support is available at any time during the course.

For further information and pricing details about the webinar series, please submit your details via the enquiry form.

Engineering With Rubber Course Participants, Mumbai 2018