FTIR, TGA and DSC in the Analysis of Polymer Materials

Analytical Testing of Polymers using FTIR TGA and DSC is carried out routinely for material compound optimization, and failure analysis. Thermo Gravimetric Analysis TGA measures changes in the weight of a material sample in a controlled thermal environment as a function of temperature and/or time. The changes in sample weight (mass) can be a result of deterioration in physical and chemical properties.

TGA is also useful for studying thermal stability of solids and liquids and their suitable for application in a field service condition. A highly sensitive analytical balance measures the change in mass of the sample as it is heated or held isothermally in a furnace.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC performs quantitative calorimetric measurements on solid and liquid samples. Heat flux DSC measures the difference in temperature (T) between the sample and an inert reference and calculates the quantity of heat flow (q) into or out of the sample.

FTIR, TGA and DSC in the Analysis of Polymer Materials

Both DSC and TGA along with FTIR can be used in the study of identifying polymer contents in an unknown material sample.

AdvanSES provides services for FTIR, DSC and TGA. We also provide training on the use of these analytical techniques for failure analysis and material optimization.