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With years of experience on working on all major FEA software codes in the market, we are able to provide technical support for any new or old software in the market. We will be your technical support arm and help you in achieving your full potential of the software. At AdvanSES, we have a unique and personalized support model. When you join our customer community, you will be assigned a dedicated technical account manager who will become your prime contact on all support related issues.

Here is our commitment to you for support towards any FEA software:

  • We will help you with any problem, regardless of direct affiliation with our product or services.
  • We will use all available resources at our disposal to get to a solution. If we are no longer able to proceed within our ability, we will help you find a path to a solution.
  • We will not point the finger at another technology or vendor unless it is out of our capability to resolve the issue.
  • We will understand the business need caused by the issue, and work to the best of our ability with you to resolve the issue in the timeline that is required.
  • We understand that you have workflows specific to the needs of your organization.
  • We understand that we may need to adapt our tool to be a framework that helps you to achieve these goals.
  • We will approach any issue with the mindset of a co-worker rather then a vendor.

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