Plastics, Rubber, Composites Product Development and Material Testing

One of the most important component of successful product development and failure analysis programs is the ability to simulate actual material behavior. The definition of material card input data into FEA softwares refers to test data that analysts and engineers must enter into FEA CFD softwares. As the complexity of the simulation increases, the accuracy and fidelity of the material card data becomes top priority to the modeling of actual physics of the system.

We provide Hyperelastic, Viscoelastic Material Characterization Testing data Cards for Input into FEA, CAE softwares

AdvanSES Portfolio

1) Mechanical Testing of Polymers, Metals and Composite Materials
2) Fatigue and Durability Testing
3) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) of Materials and Components
4) Hyperelastic, Viscoelastic Material Testing
5) Data Cards for Input into FEA, CAE softwares
6) FEA Services
7) Custom Tests, NI Labview DAQ

At AdvanSES, we provide a full 360 degree static and dynamic characterization of your materials, parts and components. We measure the tension, compression, shear, vibration and dynamic properties of individual components and sub assemblies in accordance to international standards.