The ability to correctly diagnose machinery problems is rooted in the application of fundamental engineering principles. Vibration analysis is used to identify faults and potential failures in rotating and reciprocating machineries. It is helpful in diagnosing potential hazards and also steps can be taken for preventive maintenance. The analyses in conjunction with other strategies can be an invaluable tool to help diagnose causes of mechanical failures.

Vibration diagnostics are very helpful for tracking general machine health and preventing predictable failures. Cost-effective and non-destructive, rotating machinery vibration analysis and diagnostics are now, more than ever, key initiatives towards ensuring reliable operation of rotating machinery. AdvanSES can carry out testing on Steam turbines, gas turbines, generators, motors, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, fans, blowers, turbochargers, drive trains, and various kind of machine tools

Our machinery experts are available to perform diagnostics on your machinery on an individual event basis or as part of a contractual agreement. We identify potential changes in machinery condition or behavior and if any machine faults are observed, the severity is assessed and additional review is performed to determine the root cause.