Advanced Scientific and Engineering Services (AdvanSES) delivers Expert Finite Element Analysis FEA services to assist design engineers, quality control personnel, and manufacturers in developing innovative products and solving their design, development and structural challenges. We provide optimized engineering designs, and resolve multi-disciplinary failure analysis problems.

Design Development and FEA Studies

Our  Expert Finite Element Analysis (FEAservices engineers are committed to your deadlines and bringing your products faster to the market. We take your product specifications like load, displacement, fatigue life requirements and convert them to products that perform within the design specifications.

A finite element analysis is only as good as the accuracy of the material properties, boundary conditions, geometry representation and loading conditions. Our verification checks and validations include mesh convergence analysis, design constraint check, load path checks and validations with testing.

Backed by Laboratory Testing and Domain Experts

Finite element analysis FEA simulations of parts and components is validated with our laboratory testing. This methodology provides a robust and thorough verification and validation of your product development and analysis process and it provides you with real world data of your products performance envelope. Mechanical testing of materials is used to provide a complete 360 degree view of the material performance.

Proven Performance and Quality

AdvanSES’ long history of services, benchmark performance, and consistent quality is the result of an unwavering commitment to scientific and engineering excellence. AdvanSES customers around the world, from design engineers to manufacturers enjoy complete confidence in the proven performance of our laboratory and professional services. We are an ISO 17025:2017 accredited material testing laboratory with commitment to quality, and customer service excellence.