Rubber Plastic Testing Laboratory

The properties of plastics and rubber products are closely related to their composition, fillers used, processing aids additives, processing methods, etc. In order to fully understand the performance of the plastics and rubber products, it is necessary to conduct wide ranging tests on these plastics and rubber products. At AdvanSES, we are a plastic rubber testing laboratory and fully equipped to utilize these test methods and provide a full 360 degree of your material and product performance.

As a trusted laboratory partner, we offer you advanced plastic and rubber testing solutions along with the expertise of our qualified engineers. The static, dynamic and fatigue testing conducted at our laboratory ensures safe, reliable and efficient use of your polymeric materials and products in demanding end applications.

What Sets Us Apart from Other?

  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory
  • Customized and Detailed Reports
  • Turn Around Time in Hours
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Full Range of NABL Testing Scope
  • Our Problem-Solving Capabilities
AdvanSES Plastic Rubber Testing Laboratory