AdvanSES Materials Testing Services

We at AdvanSES are capable of developing a custom testing protocol for compliance with international standards or for quality assurance. Materials testing services offered by AdvanSES include:

Composition: Whe you need to know with certainty what materials are used in the manufacture of thermoplastics, rubber materials etc.

Shear Test: Materials testing designed to measure shear strength of rubber and composites. These tests show how much stress a specimen can take before failure and is often times used to test and compare the strength of adhesives.

Flexural Test: When a product like an I-beam or girder used in construction must support a predetermined amount of weight without sagging, a flexure materials test is often performed to verify that the specimen can withstand a certain level of stress without flexing.

Environment and High Temperature Exposure Test: When it comes to determining the lifespan of materials, especially elastomer materials intended for outdoor use, exposure to high temperature and oils is carried out to check the degradation of materials.

Tensile/Compression Tests: From plastics and metals to adhesives and rubbers, tensile/compression testing is a form of materials testing that places specimens under precise compressive loads to measure their ability to withstand compression before deformation occurs.

Fatigue Tests: Fatigue tests are important to determine the endurance or breaking load a material can withstand before failing as well as the number of repeated loading cycles it can endure. Fatigue testing looks at a materials limit to withstand stresses and environment degradation. We can conduct stress controlled and strain controlled high cycle fatigue tests from room temperature to 250C on material samples, parts and components.

Applications of Materials Testing:

1) Quality Control
2) Regulatory Compliance
3) Design Development
4) Failure Analysis
5) Performance Prediction
6) Finite Element Analysis Material Constants Data