Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Materials testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found numerous applications in mechanical engineering and materials testing, revolutionizing the field with its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and reveal complex interrelationships. Here are some notable applications:

  1. Machine Vision and Learning: AI, particularly machine vision and machine learning, can significantly improve the technical level of material testing¹. Machine vision inputs the characteristics of the inspected object into the computer, while machine learning enables the computer to better analyze these characteristics and make testing conclusions. This process is characterized by high accuracy and speed, and can be used in all aspects of material testing¹.
  2. Textile Material Testing: AI techniques such as image analysis, back propagation, and neural networking can be specifically used as testing techniques in textile material testing. AI can automate processes in various circumstances.
  3. Materials Modeling and Design: AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning show great advantages and potential for predicting important mechanical properties of materials. They reveal how changes in certain principal parameters affect the overall behavior of engineering materials. This can significantly help to improve the design and optimize the properties of future advanced engineering materials.
  4. Mechanical Engineering: AI, especially machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms, is becoming an important tool in the fields of materials and mechanical engineering. It can predict materials properties, design and development of new materials, and discover new mechanisms of material formation and degradation.

These Artificial Intelligence AI applications in mechanical engineering and materials testing not only enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process but also open up new possibilities for material discovery and design. AdvanSES has decided to be on the forefront of this emerging technology and has invested resources into new developments.

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