Hyperelastic Viscoelastic Testing of Rocket Propellants

Hyperelastic viscoelastic testing of rocket propellants. Solid propellant is the power source of a solid rocket motor. The mechanical properties of a solid rocket motor directly affect the load carrying capacity of a rocket. AdvanSES can provide multiaxial mechanical property characterization of these solid rocket propellants based on hyperelastic and viscoelastic tests.

AdvanSES’ hyperelastic and viscoelastic material characterization tests for solid rocket propellant materials include;

1) Uniaxial Tension Tests
2) Uniaxial Compression Tests
3) Planar Shear Tests
5) Biaxial Tension Tests
6) Volumetric Compression Tests
7) Stress Relaxation Tests
8) Dynamic Mechanical Characterization using Strain and Frequency Sweep Tests